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The President's Cup Champion!!!!

Congratulations to Wolfgang Wien, the winner of the 2019 President's Cup.

14 NATO golfers turned out for this year's competition. We had single digit handicappers fighting it out with rather high double digits. In the end Wolfgang prevailed. I had the pleasure of playing in Wolfgang's group. Wolfgang maintained an excellent steady round. Me? Not so much.......

On a rare occasion the weather was great and rain did not come until the final group was finishing the 17th hole, which included Wolfgang. It was a great day of golf, followed by a great dinner gathering at the Club House.

Darryl Rupp takes second spot and a bottle of win. Fun fact, this was Darryl's second round of the day, and I think he may have one the morning competition he played in.....

James Mackey took closest to the pin with a very impressive shot. His distance from the pin would have been hard to beat for anyone.

And finally our very own President took the longest drive of the day.

It was an excellent day of golf and the course was in great shape. We have a good deal of new members and a lot of enthusiasm.

As you know many of us are off to France this weekend for our annual trip to Hardelot. Friendly golf but most likely rather wet.

Our final four events for 2019 are up on the website. They should be good fun, especially if we can beat our average so far of 13 golfers per event.

Very importantly, get signed up for our match against IGC. We need a good showing for this one.......

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