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The President's Cup that wasn't and Jeff strikes again!!!

Updated: May 12, 2020

NATO Golfers, like the little train that could, the President's Cup that wasn't was a great success. Though not all could play we managed a good showing with our Brabantse members. Max, as our incoming President was there to see us off. Of course, there is no group photo, no flag and no handshakes......

In classic fashion as we were heading into the back 9, you guessed it, Jeff called in the rain. How could it be a NATO event without rain? Jeff was with us in spirit, having played at the National earlier in the day, before the rain of course.

Pal-Christian decided Arvid and I needed to pick up the pace of play, so double tee offs....

Though there was no trophy given, it was a great day in all. Mostly sunny, just a bit of rain and yet stayed warm. Rare indeed.

We miss the great NATO events and look forward to their return.

One final note. This was, unfortunately, our last event with Arvid as both our great friend and President. There is no opportunity to provide an appropriate send off, at this stage.

Arvid, on behalf of the Club, it has been simply outstanding having you as a President over this past year. We are going to miss you. Keep up the laughs. We hope to have a chance to get together again. You deserved a much better send off.

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