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The return to golf and the Skins match

A great return to golf on the 7th of June. We had 20 NATO golfers show up in five flights.

With the new format a few trials and tribulation were necessary to get everyone eased in. That or just my poor communication skills.

We remained dry for a change, contrary to the wishes of Jeff. So dry in fact, the fairways were pretty much burned out from the lack of rain. Could have played winter preferred lies had we realized.

An additional positive, the bar was open for an outside beer after the round. A wonderful opportunity for many of us to catch up after the long lock down.

A great day all in all. We were all glad to get back out as a club again. Looking forward to the start of competition again.

In the flights

Flight 1.

Abel and Beni vs Jeff and Darryl.

This was our single digit handicap flight. It seems after long hard fought battle with good swings up and down in score, Abel and Beni came out with a one skin win at the final hole.

Flight 2

Tim and Gay versus Chris and Rick

Chris and Rick fought valiantly but could not compete with Gaby's consistent excellence. Tim and Gaby took the first hole and never looked back. Chris and Rick went into the final hole two down, with two up for grabs. Tim and Gaby walk away 11 and 7.

Flight 3

Thorsten and Michaela versus Philipp and Patricia

Thorsten and Michaela came out strong going up by an initial 4 skins. Philipp and Patricia worked hard to close the gap. In the end Thorsten and Michaela came out with 5 skins.

Flight 4

Max and Pal versus Shayne and Michael.

Another match swinging back and forth during the course of the day. A number of squared holes cause us to go into the final hole worth a bit. Michael and Shayne walked away with 4 skins.

The final flight

Robert and Katrin versus Michel and Berit.

This match was grueling, including a small fairway confusion heading into 5. The two sides walked away all squared, no money paid.

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