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Turkey 2013

I hope that those of you who were part of our annual Away Week to Turkey are all well settled back into normal life after our 10-day journey, and the Easter Weekend. Although the weather was cooler and not as kind to us as in past years, it is certainly better than what was dealt out in Northern Europe! With any luck we won't have snow to contend with at the Nation's Cup on 14 April!

It was a grand week among old friends, new joiners, familiar courses, some excellent results, handicap cuts, shopping, lounging, exercising, saunas, hammams, and sadly, a final Yellow Ball match played in the rain. And how could I forget – eating! As usual, Club Robinson provided an excellent spread every day for 10 days.

Full results are listed below for the official 5 days of competition! Well done to all winners and competitors.


Day 1, 14 March, Hidden Partners, Nobilis

1st, avg 32 STB points Peter Bedford, Kay Tolman, Angelika Keding, Tomris Briggs

2nd, avg 30.5 STB points Rainer Fahs, Naomi Bedford, Paul Ballinger, Dag Wilhelmsen

Longest Drive Men: Marc Ballinger Nearest Pin Me: Peter Bedford

Longest Drive Ladies: Kay Tolman Nearest Pin Ladies: Naomi Bedford

Day 2, 16 March, Single Stableford, Men vs Ladies, Pasha MEN Win!



1st Fritz Rademacher, 35 pts

Angelika Keding, 35 pts on CB

2nd Tom Taylor, 34 pts

Dick Whittingham, 35 pts

3rd Bob Jenkins, 33 pts

Janis Dobson, 33 pts

Day 3, 17 March, Age vs Youth, Nobilis

YOUTH Wins! Aggregate score of 27.19 Stableford

Longest Drive Men

Marc Ballinger

Longest Drive Ladies

Janis Dobson

Nearest Pin Men

Roger Fielding

Nearest Pin Ladies

Kay Tolman

Day 4, 18 March, Nations Cup, Tat


Patricia Fahs, Roger Fielding, Bob Jenkins, Tim Waugh

2nd, UK 1

Peter Bedford, Neil Tolman, John Briggs, Tom Taylor

3rd, Canada 2 Paul Ballinger, Ron Dobson, Linda Marchand, Marc Ballinger

Day 5, 20 March, Single Stableford, Nobilis



1st Naomi Bedford, 38 pts Janis Dobson 40 points

2nd Gaby Waugh, 37 pts Linda Marchand 39 Points on CB

3rd Peter Bedford, 35 pts Dag Wilhelmsen 39 Points

Longest Drive Men Rick Marchand

Longest Drive Ladies Cristina Rademacher

Nearest Pin Men Peter Bedford

Nearest Pin Ladies Patricia Fahs

Days 1 - 5, High points winner Ladies – Naomi Bedford, avg 34.6

Days 1 - 5, High Points winner Men – Dag Wilhelmsen, avg 33.4

Peter Riedel Trophy - nearest to Peter's total score - Paul Ballinger, 126 points

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