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Valentines Massacre 2020

Following a rough weather week leading up to the event, we were forced to make a last minute course change to Brabanste. Unfortunately, 3-5 holes at Falnuee has to remain closed due to rains.

With the rains, weather, winds and course changes, Cupid decided worst ball was not the best format and instead favoured us with a Texas Scramble format. Our two married couples decided to be paired together, leaving Jeff with Michael and Pa-Christian with Shane.

We were all much happier with the adjusted format, given the winds.....

Final results came with with the Leydes at 90, the Wiens at 81, Pal-Christian and Shane at 78, leaving Jeff and Michael to squeak out the win at 77.

Though, Jeff and Michael took the 3 season long points with the win, Pal-Christain took the points day. Pal-Christian walked off with 4 season long points, taking both longest drive and closest to the pin. Yea, Pa-Christian also walked away with two bottles of win for the effort.

Though it was a grey, cloudy and windy day, we stayed dry. Always a bonus. A great day for all involved.

The 2020 Opening Cup is coming, 28 March, get signed up. This year we will be at Sept Fontaines. Should prove to be a great time, on a great course.

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