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2015 Closing Cup

?  Ten of the Club’s dedicated duffers met for the 2015 Closing Cup at Falnuee’ on 14 November.  More had committed but had to cancel at the last minute due to illness; it is that cold and flu time of year.  Hopefully all have bounced back nicely.

For them it was a good decision as the weather was cool and moist, turning down-right wet as the finishing holes awaited.  The course was very playable however and it was a pleasure to play well-maintained greens after coming off a challenging situation last month when sanding and aeration took their toll on the flat sticks.

​We had first through third place awards in a single Stableford catgory due to the small field as well as single L-D and N-P awards for this round only I hope.  The L-D went to Dave Walsh and N-P was won by Chris Murray.  Third place Stableford went to Denver Herren at 32; second place to Jim Edge with 35; and in first place with an impressive 37 points was Dave Walsh.  Do I see a handicap adjustment in his future.  Cheers! Jim

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