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IGC Wins With a Last Match Sweep!

NGC vs IGC was a tremendously fun event under beautiful conditions.  The Hulencourt course was immaculate and a most accommodating venue for the annual IGC match on 26 Sep.  NGC put up only 10 players however, but IGC had many members who had or currently still have connections to NATO.  They “turn-coated” for the day.  We had 8 4BBB. 

Top NGC play came from EJ Herold and Daniel Darius who won their match 2 ½ to ½.  Rick Froh and Damir Smerdelj also won handily at 2 to 1, as did Paula Stewart and Dany De Lange.  We had some close victories as well and , while others didn’t come out winning their matches, they fought hard and managed to bring in a point or a half point to contribute to the effort.   NGC got some great help from IGC-NATO turn-coats too.  Robert Stewart and Barry McAlpine won big for us, taking 2 ½ points.  As the scores were coming in, myself and IGC Captain Beate Reimann knew it would be close.  Up to the very last match, NGC was ahead by 2, but the final result was:  IGC 12 ½ to NGC 11 ½.  What a day.

A bottle of wine was presented to the two victors on the winning side of each match.  And we presented skills awards to four players as well.  The Ladies longest drive went to our own Dany De Lange; the Ladies nearest the pin to Marion Tomkins of IGC; Men’s longest drive went to our esteemed treasurer Rick Froh; and the Men’s nearest the pin went to Barry McAlpine of IGC.  As both Marion and Barry were playing for NGC, you could call it a clean sweep by NGC of the skill prizes.

​The Captains agreed it was a great, well-balanced match.  We also agreed to suggest to our respective Executives the co-purchasing of a trophy to record this and future results of our long-standing, annual competition.  

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