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Bjørn Frostelid Takes the Cup and my Bourbon!!!

Yesterday's Captains Cup was a grueling drudgery of golf. The rain started just at tee-time, parked on top of us and did not let up until we were on the 14th tee. Wet and muddy are polite terms for the day. I'll spare you the other descriptors.

However, our intrepid group stuck it out, much like a US Postman, come rain or shine. There sure as hell was no shine on this day....

After a long day of mud, water, slips and falls and much profanity, Bjørn came out on top with a hugely impressive score of 36. For this troubles Bjørn not only get the Captain's Cup (cute little thing) but as you can see a very special bottle of Blanton's Gold Edition Bourbon (FYI, cannot be purchased on the US, for some reason we like to export only some of our best whiskey). After all that rain, one can see Bjørn's priority. Too right too.

At a hugely respectable 34 points Fritz Rademacher took second place (we had three players breaking 30 points, in these conditions no small feat). For Fritz endurance he received a fine bottle of Mitchners Bourbon (we will return to Fritz shortly). A nice warm finish.

On the 8th fairway, Darryl Rupp took the longest drive. This fairway required both accuracy and a nice draw shape. Darryl provided both, I know as I was there. A nice shot indeed. For this Darryl received a nice bottle of Eagle Rare Bourbon.

As promised we return to Fritz. Now, O'l Fritz came out for his first NATO event of the year. Feeling a bit behind, he focused in on the Par 3 14th. A lovely arcing shot straight at the pin, as if he knew what might be in it for him. Surprise, surprise, O'l Fritz decided one bottle was not enough, so he took a second. An Eagle Rare.

The rest of us spent time over a drink to warm up and tell lies to each other. The conditions were tough but the turnout was great. Though much grumblings were heard, I think we all had a great time. Once we were warm, of course. I guess if we refuse to golf in the rain, we will never play in Belgium. As one can see, Fritz was pleased to remind us of his two bottles.

The rest of us miserable sods are below. Hope to see you at the Closing Cup in November. Get signed up.

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