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It was perfect golfing weather, 21 degrees and sunny, for the Nation's Cup on the 6th of June. Team USA 2, composed of Dave Walsh, Craig Richmond, Jeremy Mears, and James Mackey, hosted the competition as last year's winners. Seventeen NGC members split into five teams this year - with the hosts playing only for pleasure. L'Empereur golf course was in fantastic condition, with only a little bit of standing water in a few places, despite the big thunderstorms that came through on the evening of the 5th. The greens, in particular, were in great shape, which led to some fantastic team scores. The event was a team scramble, with the teams using their average handicap in a Stableford competition. First place in the team competition, on count-back, with 57 Stableford points, went to "Team NATO", composed of Jon Luchford, Jose Marques, and Dimos Gaitanis. Second place, also with 57 points, was "Team Celts" composed of John Briggs, Paula Stewart, and Rob Stewart. The BENELUX and UK Teams rounded out the competition. There was individual glory to be had as well. Brigitte Horton took home both the longest drive and nearest to the pin for the ladies. While on the men's side, John Briggs won the prize for the longest drive, and Jon Luchford the prize for the nearest to the pin. Many thanks to all for a really enjoyable day of golf, especially our American hosts and we look forward to "Team NATO" taking up that responsibility next year.

by James Mackey

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