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Turkey 2015

While Brussels and most of northern Europe suffered through cool, wet, windy weather, 35 golfers and 8 non-golfers were enjoying sun, warmth (most days), delicious food and outstanding company of the NGC’s 12th annual away trip to Belek Turkey. Once again, the staff at Robinson Nobilis treated us as VIPs. The Awards Dinner was a highlight, with many say the best meal we have had over the years - thanks to Christa Riedel for organizing it.

Continuing the good trend of last year, we again welcomed a number of first timers to the Turkey Trip - Chris Murray and Dany De Lange, and Robert and Anne Marie Draper. As always, the emphasis of the week was the golf, but there were other things that made the trip memorable - early morning construction of the outdoor dinning area, major refurbishments to the golf villas, the very, very early morning shuttle buses, the wind, serious shopping, spa treatments/saunas, and the mysterious case of the stolen lunches.

As always, thanks to Peter Riedel for making all the excellent arrangements with the Noblis Club, and to Rainer Fahs for once again stepping as the traveling Captain to orgainze the competitions and fun golf days.

We took advantage of the presence of a majority of the NGC members in Turkey to hold the 2015 Annual General Meeting of the Club’s General Assembly. EJ Herold was elected President and Jim Edge, Captain. I agreed to fill in as Treasurer until someone else steps forward. And Nikki Hayes expressed interest in perhaps taking on the post of Secretary from Janis Dobson, who has done an outstanding job over the last 5 years, but will be returning to Canada this summer.

The golf schedule started with a warm-up round for some on Saturday 14 March, after the torrential downpour which closed the Noblis course in the morning. Sunday was sunny, perfect for the Yellow Ball competition sponsored again this year by Patricia and Rainer Fahs. The ‘Official’ competition programme began on Monday, 16th with the Hidden Partners competition at Noblis. Tuesday was a day off but Wednesday we were back at it with the Battle of the Sexes (the Ladies made up their numbers with a number of ‘temporarily designated’ males) at Pasha. Thursday was a Single Stableford competition at Tat, and finally the Nations Cup was held on Friday at Noblis. Saturday, we had a strong, cold wind for our fun round at Kaya. Then, after a much welcomed break on Sunday, the remaining golfers played social golf on Monday at Tat and on Tuesday at Noblis.

Everyone was a winner, but the ones who took home the prizes were:

Day 1 - Hidden Partners

1st Naomi Bedford, Marc Ballinger, Dick Zandee (average 31)

2nd Rainer Fahs, Patricia Fahs, Edda Egge, Hans Weber (average 29.75)

3rd Peter Bedford, Ron Dobson, John Briggs, Rob Stewart (average 29.25)

4th Fritz Rademacher, Neil Tolman, Tim Waugh, Claus Keding (average 28)

Longest Drive - Ladies Kay Tolman, Men Fritz Rademacher

Closest to Pin - Ladies Patricia Fahs, Men Rob Stewart

Day 2 - Battle of Sexes - Men won 6:3

Day 3 - Single Stableford

Category 1 (<17.5) 1st Rainer Fahs (30), 2nd Neil Tolman (29), 3rd Werner Egge (29)*

Category 2 (<23) 1st Dany De Lange (35), 2nd Dick Wittingham (33), 3rd John Briggs (32)

Category 3 1st Rob Stewart (35), Paula Stewart (31), Brigitte Leblanc (27)

* In Cat 2, there was a count back with Neil, Werner, Fritz and Naomi

Day 4 - Nations Cup

1st UK I Peter Bedford, Neil Tolman, Paula Stewart, Dick Wittingham (average 31.6)

2nd GE II Peter Reidel, Hans Weber, Angelika Keding, Edda Egge (average 30.0)

3rd UK II John Briggs, Nikki Hayes, Robert Adams, Naomi Bedford (average 29.75)

4th INT Christina Rademacher, Gianni Giannino, Tomris Briggs, Claus Kedding (average 29.25)

5th Celts Patricia Fahs, Tim Waugh, Kay Tolman, Rob Stewart (average 28.0)

Longest Drive - Ladies Kay Tolman, Men Dick Wittingham

Closest to Pin - Ladies Patricia Fahs, Men Rob Stewart

Peter Riedel Trophy Winner - Gianni Giannino

Best Lady Golfer Turkey 2015 - Naomi Bedford (average 32)

Best Man Golfer Turkey 2015 - Rob Stewart (average 36)

Congratulations to all the winners.

The planning for Turkey 2016 is well on track. Peter Riedel will be sending out the preliminary details, to enable people to plan and indicate their desire to participate in this high point of the NGC annual programme.

Rick Froh

Outgoing President

NATO Golf Club

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